ECE expanding ECE node (adding RAM and CPU to VM)


I'm about to install ECE in my org! But I'd like to ask about one thing - about 6 months ago I was actively POCing ECE in my org, it was ECE v2.5 if I remember correctly. In that version I was not able to expand RAM and CPU on an ECE node. What I mean is expanding VM on which ECE is installed - it seemed like ECE didn't notice the CPU and RAM increases.

Is it possible to expand CPU, RAM and storage easier (without reinstalling) in the current version (2.7)?

This might be a very good topic to raise with support team to go through this in more details and there should be no difference whether ECE is 2.5.x or latest 2.7.1, but to answer this, there are a few concepts at play :

  • When installing an allocator, you would normally specify how much capacity is allocated to that allocator in term of RAM, and the default is 85% of the RAM (you should leave at least 10Gb for services containers if the ECE instance is allocator only)... This capacity can be changed afterwards per doc
  • Then the basic idea is based on instance size (how much RAM it is assigned), ECE will assign a near proportional fraction of CPU to that instance.
  • About disk space, what is important to understand is the instance configuration (templates) you use define RAM-To-Storage ratio... So if you increase RAM and allocator capacity by 50% so should increase the storage by 50% as well or you probably will need to review your templates and deployments

Also you should follow host maintenance documentation when updating a host (moving current instances to other allocators is recommended)

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