ECE fails even if the plan shows success

Was just playing with the ECE and saw that every time that I try to use frozen data tiers is not working:
Even worse my plan seems to be successful but that is wrong.

Plan successful
0 millisecondsCleaning up after rollback
2021-09-16T11:48:23.416ZWaiting until instances are running
Some instances were not running

"failure_type": "ClusterFailure:InstancesAreNotRunning",
"tiebreaker-0000000007": "started",
"instance-0000000009": "Instance [instance-0000000009] failed to start after [4] attempts",
"instance-0000000006": "started",
"instance-0000000005": "started",
"instance-0000000008": "Instance [instance-0000000008] failed to start after [4] attempts"

Starting step wait-until-running

"instances": [

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