ECE reinstall error

one is timeout with install
and try to install
with out error:

[es@xxxx ECE]$ ./  install
Elastic Cloud Enterprise Installer 

Start setting up a new Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation by installing the software on your first host. 
This first host becomes the initial coordinator and provides access to the Cloud UI, where you can manage your installation. 
To learn more about the options you can specify, see the documentation. 

NOTE: If you want to add this host to an existing installation, please specify the --coordinator-host and --roles-token flags

-- Verifying Prerequisites --
Checking runner container does not exist... PASSED
Checking host storage root volume path is not root... PASSED
Checking host storage path is accessible... PASSED
Checking host storage path contents matches whitelist... FAILED
  The following non-whitelisted files or directories exist within the host storage path:
  Remove the files or directories if you are certain they can be deleted safely, or specify a new location with the --host-storage-path parameter, and try again.
Checking Docker version... PASSED
Checking Docker file system... PASSED
Checking Docker storage driver... PASSED
Checking whether 'setuser' works inside a Docker container... PASSED
Checking runner ip connectivity... PASSED
Checking OS IPv4 IP forward setting... PASSED
Checking OS max map count setting... PASSED
Checking OS kernel version... PASSED
 - OS kernel version is 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 but we recommend 4.4.
Checking minimum required memory... PASSED
Checking OS kernel cgroup.memory... PASSED
 - OS setting 'cgroup.memory' should be set to cgroup.memory=nokmem
Checking OS minimum ephemeral port... PASSED
Checking OS max open file descriptors per process... PASSED
Checking OS max open file descriptors system-wide... PASSED
 - OS setting for max open file descriptors system-wide should be >= 8217150, currently 1024000
Checking OS file system and Docker storage driver compatibility... PASSED
Checking OS file system storage driver permissions... PASSED

Errors have caused Elastic Cloud Enterprise installation to fail
Some of the prerequisites failed: [host storage path contents matches whitelist], please fix before continuing

how to solve it with

The following non-whitelisted files or directories exist within the host storage path:

which file or directory need delete?

It looks like this is the bad file/directory in question, ie xxxx

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