ECE showing NaN Available Capacity

I installed ECE on 3 VMs using a small baseline setup in a non production environment.
Each server is assigned a different availability zone and each server has the runner, proxy, allocator, coordinator and director roles.

On the Summary page, the available capacity reading is always NaN MB.

Installation was smooth and there were no errors or warnings returned by ECE in the console page.

Does this mean that the hardware resources are not enough and I need to scale out the roles among more VMs?

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Can you try sequentially rebooting the nodes and give us an update if it helped?

Yes, it helped :+1:

I rebooted the servers one by one and the available capacity figure is displayed correctly now.

I did notice that when updating roles through the admin UI or setting availability zones for additional hosts during installation, the new changes took quite a long time to be reflected in the admin console (a few hours)

Is it a sign that the hardware resources are not sufficient or are there too many roles on each machine?

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I noticed that rebooting the affected runner helps but only temporarily. When i log in the next day, another runner with the allocator role will return a NaN value.

The ECE setup is now expanded to 2 servers per availability zone. 1 server holds the director and coordinator roles and the other server holds the proxy and allocator roles.

How can I fix this issue?

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