Hi Team,

I have a very generic question here, hoping anyone can help here.

I am looking for DR solution for ECK 1.2.1, preferably opensource. i have gone through couple of articles regarding cross cluster replication, i had few queries regarding the same:

  1. is this solution opensource and can we get support from elastic regarding any issues from opensource community?
  2. I see we can have a follower index and leader index , will follower index will be created automatically and all data will be backed up in a periodic manner automatically or do we need to leverage any plugin like repository-gcs

Thanks in advance

Cross cluster replication in Elasticsearch is part of the Platinum or Enterprise subscription. An Enterprise subscription is required if you want ECK to manage the remote cluster settings automatically. Auto-follow patterns helps you to automatically create new followers.

If you also want to backup your data in a repository you have to setup a snapshot repository and use snapshot lifecycle management to automatically take and manage snapshots.

This is helpful @michael.morello thanks