ECK readiness for Kubernetes 1.19 - deprecated APIVersions


We're using ECK Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes v1.1.2 on Kubernetes 1.16 and we notice that some of the APIVersions used are deprecated and scheduled to be dropped in Kubernetes 1.19.

I'm sorry, but I'm not clear on the best way to raise this issue for inclusion in the roadmap. This is not yet urgent for us, but it'd be good to know what the k8s support plan / roadmap for ECK looks like over the coming months.


Hi, we didn't check the compatibility with K8S 1.19 so far. But I think you are right, some changes may affect ECK.
I'll create an issue to track this effort and update this discussion with the link to the issue.

I did a quick test on v1.19.0-beta.1 with the master branch of ECK and it's working well.
Could you tell me where you got what seems to be some warning messages ?

We've been using conftest to check our manifests against policies which turned this up as a deprecation. It could be our deprecation rules are not quite correct. Let me check with our team who own them. I'm not 100% sure of how the rules are sourced and managed.

We maintain some OpenPolicyAgent policies for future deprecations and test our manifests using conftest.

The test has been informed by which is also referenced in the 1.16 release notes

The version of CustomResourceDefinition is deprecated and will no longer be served in v1.19. Use instead. (#79604, @liggitt)

Yep, it is something we will need to validate further. It's not a simple change because v1 isn't supported until 1.16 and we currently support back to 1.11.