ECK using Docker for Operator Container Registry docker.instead of

I'm using the ECK Stack as described in this tutorial - Deploy an Elasticsearch cluster | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.8] for a basic ECK setup.

I want to change the container registry for operator to use the docker hub container registry. The Operator Config has a container-registry option to set it to a custom registry like instead of

My example ConfigMap.yaml for the custom container-registry


# Source: eck-operator/templates/configmap.yaml

apiVersion: v1

kind: ConfigMap


  name: elastic-operator

  namespace: elastic-system


    control-plane: elastic-operator "1.8.0"


  eck.yaml: |-

    log-verbosity: 0

    metrics-port: 0


    max-concurrent-reconciles: 3

    ca-cert-validity: 8760h

    ca-cert-rotate-before: 24h

    cert-validity: 8760h

    cert-rotate-before: 24h

    set-default-security-context: true

    kube-client-timeout: 60s

    elasticsearch-client-timeout: 180s

    disable-telemetry: false

    validate-storage-class: true

    enable-webhook: true



But when pulling the docker image from, it cannot

Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon

The issue is with using the dockerhub registery is that the elasticsearch image is an official image and doesn't need to be namespaced like this elasticsearch/elasticsearch

Has anyone encountered this?

U can change the image for the ECK resources. So for the kind: Elasticsearch, just set image: elasticsearch:<version>. See Create custom images | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.8] | Elastic

Thanks! That worked!

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