Edit pre-build rule


Is it possible to edit pre-build rules? I would like to configure the output action (index connector) for each pre-build rule.
It depends on the license?

My current stack version: 7.16.2


Hey @marti1 ,
For pre built rules you can modify the action that's taken, but you cannot change the definition of the rule:

Say for eg, you wanted to trigger an email with a pre defined rule, you could take the following steps:

Identify a rule you want the action to occur upon, and click Edit rule settings

From there you can associate an action with the rule.

If it is the case that you want to modify the rule itself (it's definition, or schedule for eg). You can instead duplicate the rule and configure the duplicate as you please:

In the same overflow menu represented in the first image. Instead click 'duplicate rule'. You can then modify the duplicate as you please, and if you no longer want the original (predefined) rule to run, you can disable it from the rule view.

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