Elasicsearch cluster setup

I wan to setup a two node cluster in which i want only data node and master node is it possible?
if it is then what will be the configuration done in both nodes

You don't need specific configuration for this.
All nodes will be data and master eligible.

Note that you probably want to have a 3rd node to act as a tie-breaker.

what do you mean?
like another node (client node) to make connection between them

Another master eligible node. Or a data/master node if it has the same specifications as the 2 others.

so you want me to create 2 master node and one data node ? right

No. I want you to create 3 nodes.

The 3 nodes must be master: true. They can be data: true.
Ideally, all of them are data: true.

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so you want me to create three master node by setting master: true in each node.
but what about my data node.
how all three will communicate to my data node.

Elasticsearch allows you to created nodes with dedicated roles, but by default every nodes has all roles. Having nodes with dedicated roles generally only makes sense for larger clusters. If you create a small cluster with less than 5-10 nodes the general recommendation is to let all nodes have all roles (be master eligible as well as hold data). Just because you can have dedicated node types it does not mean that you should.


so how does these masternode will communicate to each other, like how will they know each other
even i have mentioned both they IP in cluster.initial_master_nodes:, but when i check by typing
curl -XGET

it only show one node in that
not the other
because it is considering itself only

@dadoonet @Christian_Dahlqvist I'm getting this when i check logs in data node

Please show your elasticsearch.yml file contents.

master node .yml is this

and data node is this

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Don't configure node.master and node.data.

Leave their default values.

so i just remove them from both the nodes and only give ip's in the discovery section.

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