Elastic apm agent attached to java application running on JBoss 7.2.2 EAP

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Java, 1.12
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I'm using Openshift as platform on which I have installed java application that runs on JBoss 7.2.2 EAP. I'm attaching standalone java apm agent to this application, and getting two errors. Log level of apm agent is set to TRACE.

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11:16:08,637 INFO [stdout] (Attach Listener) 2020-01-10 11:16:08.637 [Attach Listener] INFO co.elastic.apm.agent.bci.bytebuddy.CustomElementMatchers - Cannot read implementation version based on ProtectionDomain. This should not affect you agent's functionality. Failed with message: For input string: "redhat"
11:16:08,639 INFO [stdout] (Attach Listener) 2020-01-10 11:16:08.639 [Attach Listener] DEBUG co.elastic.apm.agent.bci.bytebuddy.CustomElementMatchers - Implementation version parsing error: ProtectionDomain (static) (jar:file:/opt/eap/modules/system/layers/base/org/apache/httpcomponents/core/main/httpclient-4.5.2.redhat-2.jar!/ )

As the message says- this on itself should not affect functionality.
Thanks for reporting.

I know, but for some reason I can see only metrics in Kibana, there is no traces of or spans.

Which frameworks/libraries are you using from our supported technologies page?
Anything else interesting in the debug log? Look for Type match for instrumentation... and Method match for instrumentation... messages. Those should tell you which technologies are detected and instrumented by the agent.

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