Elastic APM for angular JS

HI Team,

We are currently using Angular-JS 1.6, So Is there any possibilities for using Elastic APM for Angular-JS app ?

If so , please guide me with links.

Thanks in advance!

currently supported agents:


Thanks for reaching out.
Our APM Frontend JavaScript Agent (currently in Alpha) is framework independent (it works with any JS application) however it only provides basic functionality (page load monitoring and error tracking).
To expand current functionalities I suggest to use our Custom Transactions API

We're constantly improving our agents so any feedback is greatly appreciated.



Thanks lot @Hamidreza
Let me check this apm with our application.

Much appreciable is when APM able to give report of method_names( particular piece of code ), thread ID, slow queries which is reason for issue.
Hope so, i would get these info from elastic APM :smile: .

Thanks for the feedback.
Please also consider filling out our JS Survey. It will helps plan our future improvements.


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Yeah Filled that survey!

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