I have created a Webpack plugin that uploads sourcemaps generated by Webpack to the Elastic APM server. I found it works perfectly in CI/CD pipelines and local developing flow.

Currently works with Webpack 4. For Webpack 3, there is a branch waiting for merging.

Please give me any suggestion or feedback if you find anything that can be improved. Also, feel free to ask me any question!

elastic-apm-sourcemap-webpack-plugin: https://github.com/wuct/elastic-apm-sourcemap-webpack-plugin/

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Thank you for your contribution to Elastic APM.

A webpack plugin to upload sourcemaps to APM server would improve development process and it has also been on our radar. Great work!

I will have a look in more detail and make suggestions on the repo. For now, I have created this PR to add this plugin to our list of community contributions.

Thanks again,

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Thank you @Hamidreza !

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