Elastic Cloud Enterprise beta 2 released

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We're happy to announce the release of Elastic Cloud Enterprise beta2. It includes a few important changes on top of beta1:

  • Improvements to how ECE collects and monitors data for your installation using Filebeat and Metricbeat. These improvements include a reduction in the volume of data that is sent from each runner host to the dedicated logging and metrics cluster. In the Upcoming GA release we'll also implement automatic curation of the filebeat and metricbeat indices. To learn more about the logging and monitoring functionality, see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud-enterprise/1.0.0-beta2/ece-monitoring-ece.html
  • Support for Elasticsearch and Kibana 5.3. Get the latest and greatest release of Elasticsearch and Kibana, with awesome features like a new unified highlighter, easy-to-use field collapsing, and more. To learn more, please refer to https://www.elastic.co/blog/elasticsearch-5-3-0-released

As always, you're welcome to ask questions and provide feedback in this forum.

The Elastic Cloud Team


It's a good news.

Even if this is a beta, I would like to test upgrading my ECE beta 1 infrastructure to ECE beta 2 (This is one of my usecase of my POC ECE).

Do you have any link to some documentation to know how is the best way to do this (in my mind, the best way mean no service stop).



For the betas, we don't document how to upgrade your ECE installation, because it's not currently supported. You need to remove and reinstall ECE to use beta2.

We know that being able to upgrade ECE without downtime in a production environment is important and the functionality is coming, most likely in the form of a rolling upgrade process that will let you upgrade each host individually whilst the rest of the ECE installation remains available. I can't tell you exactly when we will release this functionality, yet, but it will be documented when it becomes available.

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