Elastic consuming a lot of server ram and cpu

Elastic APM is continuously occupying above 4 gigabytes of ram on the server

Could you suggest/help how to reduce RAM usage and CPU consumption.

Thanks in advance

That should definitely NOT be happening.

Are you able to share a memory dump (privately?) and tell us more about how this application is run and what APM features are enabled?

@Martijn_Laarman The memory dump reached 4 gigabytes progressively. The applications that are consuming a lot of memory with apm enabled are microservices in .net core 6 and are performed with an interval of 5 seconds on average with
APM Settings Enabled:
"LogLevel": "Debug"
"CaptureBody" : "all"
"TransactionSampleRate": 0.2
"StackTraceLimit": 0,
"SpanStackTraceMinDuration": "10ms",
"CaptureHeaders": false,
"MetricsInterval": "1s",
"Enabled": true

@Lucas_Vieira I messaged you a private link to upload the dump if you have it.

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