Elastic Endpoint 8.1.1 - Memory usage crashing services


Well the locking issue is gone but the memory usage has started to climb from the generally 512Mb usage. At one point it took 100% memory and crashed services on several servers causing downtime and lost revenue. 7.17 onward has been painful...

The machines that had this happen several times have hundreds of network connections per machine. Ones with lower connections haven't had the same issues yet but I'm pretty sure its going to happen.

Will we be able to control the MAX usage for CPU and Memory like we can with almost all other AV solutions?

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Hi PublicName,

Thanks for the report. The team has been able to reproduce a memory growth over time and are now looking into the cause. I'll keep you posted here on any relevant findings.

As far as your question, Max CPU usage is in the works and I will enter an enhancement request for a memory cap to start a discussion.


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