Elastic endpoint security blocklist process delete the binary file

Hi all
I have a case using the elastic endpoint.
I tried using the blocklist in elastic endpoint to block the process /bin/ls.
After the policy got installed the binary file in /bin/ls disaprear and i cannot execute ls anymore
How did that happen can anyone tell me.
and how elastic endpoint block a process from being execute?

Thanks for your time.

Second try at the blocklist and the first time i tried to execute the command i got the opeartion not permitted and then for the second time i exec the command i get the no such file or dirtectory
It seems that the endpoint has delele the binary completely and even when i delele the blocklist it did not return.

Hi Lusandya,

Endpoint quarantined the file , You have to add endpoint exception to get it back.

Oh So can i ask how to add endpoint exception and where did endpoint put the binary file in?

Did you get any alert when you tried to run the process for first time?

I didn't get any alert on the server that i run the binary only the bash: /bin/ls: Operation not permitted

Follow Rule exceptions and value lists | Elastic Security Solution [8.5] | Elastic To see how to add endpoint exception , when endpoint detected a malware process and quarantined it.

I have new information regarding this case.
Its not that when the binary got add to the blocklist that endpoint delete the file. It is after i remove the blocklist from the policy that the endpoint delete the file from my machine.
Do you know why that is the case?

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