Elastic Engineer Observality LAB 1.2 Heartbeat

Problems with this code, could not create the monitor: job err can not convert object to string


  • type: http

    ID used to uniquely identify this monitor in elasticsearch even if the config changes

    id: elasticsearch

    Human readable display name for this service in Uptime UI and elsewhere

    name: Elasticsearch REST API

    List or urls to query

    urls: ["https://elasticsearch:9200"]

    Configure task schedule

    schedule: '@every 10s'
    ssl.certificate._authorities: ["/home/elastic/ca.crt"]
    username: elastic
    password: password

    Total test connection and data exchange timeout

    #timeout: 16s

    Array of hosts to connect to.

    hosts: ["elasticsearch:9200"]

    Protocol - either http (default) or https.

    protocol: "https"

    Authentication credentials - either API key or username/password.

    #api_key: "id:api_key"
    username: "elastic"
    password: "password"
    ssl.certificate_authorities: ["/home/elastic/ca.crt"]


Hi @lucasyuki ,

it looks like there is a problem with your heartbeat.yml file.

Can you please share it with us?


Hi thanks for the help,

I just restarted the server and delete all the comments and it worked.

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