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My strigo lab has expired and I want to train before I take the certification exam.

How do I get the data in the indices used in the lab?
is there is a way to get those data sets


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You should be able to download the Elasticsearch Engineer 7.13.3 Lab File from learn.elastic.co, under the Elasticsearch Engineer course in your Learner Dashboard. The data sets as well as shell scripts to load them are provided.


My lab is expired I can't access it
I need the data sets used in the lab to create my own lab environment

Let me reach out to our operations team and see if they can provide a better answer.

Hi again!

Please open a ticket with our operations team at training@elastic.co. They will be able to help you further.



I asked them and this is their answer:


Thank you for your email. The Training category in our Discuss Forum is a great resource during training and in regards to your inquiry on downloading your files. Many times our customers find that by using the search feature, other users have had similar issues, and the explanation provided by one of our instructors or other Community members helps them get back on track.

If your question isn’t answered in the Discuss forum, you can post a question and one of our instructors will respond as soon as they are able. Here’s a link to the Training category of the Discuss Forum. As they are the experts in lab queries and course related matters, our system administration Training Operation team defers users to their technical expertise.

Training Operations Team

I asked them about the data sets and they told me to search here
is it possible to send me the elastic engineer lab data sets?

Clearly there was some confusion. Hopefully they'll reach out with a better solution shortly. If you get a new lab environment, it's possible to do a remote reindex if you have a local instance of Elasticsearch running.

Hi @dinyes

I am @sabualrub colleague, my strigo lab has expired as well and I want to train before I take the certification exam.

I need to have my lap extended in order to achieve my certification, your help is much appreciated


Please go ahead and reach out to training@elastic.co. They may be able to extend your lab as well.

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