Elastic Fleet - Alerting on logical volume %free of all monitored servers with elastic-agent


We have just recently transitioned over to the ELK stack, but now we run into an issue which we have no idea how to solve.
So we have the elastic fleet in use with elastic-agents on every server which we want to monitor. We would like to also have alerting on our %free of the logical volumes on each monitored server, not the complete disk but just the seperate logical volumes on that disk.

We have tried this via the setup of rules and via the new hosts menu item under observability, yet none of them had the option to do this. We did find options to do this on the complete disk, but that is not what we are searching for.

Has anyone else here had this too and if so, got any clue for us how to get alerting on the logical volumes themselves (or mountpoints as you can call it too) instead of the full disk?

We run on Elastic version 8.8.2 of each and every service within the ELK stack.
We make use of the fleet module and it's integrations on version 8.8.2.

If any more info is needed, just ask.


Hello @fselim

I'm trying to implement the same thing but I can' t find useful information other than use the metricbeats filesystem modules.