Elastic Lab 1.4


I am working through the elastic lab 1.4. I am not using virtual lab, I am running mine locally.

For some reason I did not have the blogs_sql.conf when I installed Elastic. So, I found an example on the web, created the file, and put it into the datasets directory.

Now I am trying to run logstash with the following command from the lab manual

./logstash-7.8.0/bin/logstash -f datasets/blogs_sql.conf

I get a reflector error like this

An illegal reflective access operation has occurred

Also, I get a lot of output, but most errors are associated with permissions like the one below.

Error: unable to load /home/troy/elastic/postgresql-42.2.9.jar from :jdbc_driver_library, file not readable (please check user and group permissions for the path)
Exception: LogStash::PluginLoadingError

I have done a chmod on all the files, and the permissions should be fine. Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what the problem is.

And yet logstash says they are not. I would suggest using strace (or the equivalent on your flavour of UNIX) to trace all the system calls. Write all that to a file and after the error grep for postgresql-42 in it.

You can ignore the illegal reflective access message. At some point whoever owns that code will get around to fixing it and a new version of logstash will pick up the new code.

Looks like I dont even have the tables of blog data for the postgres database.

Plugin: <LogStash::Inputs::Jdbc jdbc_user=>"postgres",
jdbc_password=>, statement=>"SELECT * from blogs",
jdbc_driver_class=>"org.postgresql.Driver", enable_metric=>true,
id=>"plain_f3475974-8694-41d6-b097-40540228cac4", enable_metric=>true,
charset=>"UTF-8">, jdbc_paging_enabled=>false, jdbc_page_size=>100000,
jdbc_validate_connection=>false, jdbc_validation_timeout=>3600,
jdbc_pool_timeout=>5, sql_log_level=>"info",
connection_retry_attempts_wait_time=>0.5, plugin_timezone=>"utc",
use_column_value=>false, tracking_column_type=>"numeric",
clean_run=>false, record_last_run=>true, lowercase_column_names=>true,

The part of the lab is on page 13 of the attached document.

I am trying to recreate the lab locally.


(Attachment Lab Guide Elasticsearch Engineer I(1).pdf is missing)

Actually, looks like I fixed it. The ingest for the local machine is
a CSV file, which I found. Thanks.

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