Elastic search index is getting created as BSON instead of JSON

We are using logstash to move the data b/w mongo db and elastic.. however the
data is getting created as BSON instead of JSON..

I keep getting all the data in a "log_entry" field as one big string.

when we do the same from S3 to elastic using logstash , the data is coming correctly as the JSON.

Our issue is exactly same as the below reported issue..

Please advise..

That is what the mongodb input does. That is not an elastic supported input.

If I had to deal with that I would install the bson gem (see here for how to do that and why it is a bad idea), then repurpose some IBM code to do the BSON => JSON conversion in a ruby filter.

If you can get that working it would be interesting to see.

Thanks a lot for your inputs..let me try this..

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