Elastic Search on Azure Kubernetes Service - Readiness Probe fails for Kibana

I'm sorry, this questions occurs several times - but some answers were closed without a solution - and maybe my approach is different.
I try to deploy Elastic Search on my Azure Kubernetes Cluster and unfortunately, my Kibana deployment does not get into a running state as the readiness probe fails.

I'm following that manual: Deploy a Kibana instance | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [2.8] | Elastic

My kibana.yaml can be seen below:

apiVersion: kibana.k8s.elastic.co/v1
kind: Kibana
  name: kibana
  version: 7.17.9
  count: 1
    name: elasticsearch
      xpack.security.enabled: false

After applying that, I had to add to manually edit the YAML of the workload - I added "host" and port to get the desired url, which will be used for the readiness probe.

          failureThreshold: 3
            host: elasticsearch-es-internal-http
            path: /login
            port: 9200
            scheme: HTTP

Afterwards I get following:

When I attach the Kibana Pod, I can access from that the resolved IP of the host (elasticsearch-es-internal-http).

What is wrong with my config...

Thank you a lot in advance!


Hi @patkoch

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I highly recommend looking at this.

It is written by one of our ECK Experts.. it may help you get running much faster.

Cc @Sunile_Manjee

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