Elastic SIEM cloud data storage location? Canadian Data Residency

I need to know if Elastic meets Canadian Data Residency requirements. Meaning the solution for a canadian company would store its data in canada. Thank you!

Hi @DabLab Welcome to the community and thanks for Considering Elastic Cloud.

First I would reach out to Sales so that you can get in contact with and Account / Technical Team so you an have a detailed discussion

In Short If you use Elastic Cloud and say Choose for Example GCP Montreal... All your data will be stored in that GCP Region... The Custer Local Storage, the Backups etc and the Longterm Storage if you happen to use our Frozen tier would all be located in that Region.

NOW you could define your own Backup and Long Term Retention with your own GCS buckets (S3) if you want.

You would control the location of the GCS Buckets, it would need to be available to the same region that you are running, but We Elastic would not Control if you chose to make the those Global GCS Buckets (S3).

So in short .. Yes by default the Data is completely within the Region you define.

BUT you could do some configuration that would make that data available outside that region if you chose to.

Hope that makes sense.

Here are some links:

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