🎉 Elastic Stack 7.11.0 released

:tada: Elastic Stack 7.11.0 released

New in Elastic 7.11: The flexibility + savings of schema on read joins the blazing speed of schema on write. Plus, retain + search more data with searchable snapshots on low-cost object stores and the new cold data tier. And much, much more ! :sparkles:

And, of course, Elastic 7.11 is available right now on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch offering to include all of the new features in 7.11. Or you can download the Elastic Stack and our cloud orchestration products, Elastic Cloud Enterprise and Elastic Cloud for Kubernetes , for a self-managed experience.

As previously announced, Elastic is changing the licensing options for Elasticsearch and Kibana with the 7.11 release. We are moving the Apache 2 licensed code to be dual licensed under both the Elastic License and SSPL. We have also made significant updates to the Elastic License to simplify it and make it more permissive. Our distribution and the source code for all of our free and paid features are available under the Elastic License v2, with the source code of a core set of our free features also available under SSPL v1. This change does not impact any of our customers or the vast majority of our community.

This is a packed release, learn more with our release blog posts:

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