Elastic Stack Rest API for Loggin


Our requirement is to log data from different applications like one php application and another is .net application. in order to use it we started exploring beats. But we need to install beats in servers if we use beats. Is there any way like we can send logs to elastic stack using REST API.

I mean that is there any way i can write log data using REST API to Elastic Cloud ?

Please help us.

The overhead of Filebeat is low.

We started developing some plugins/support for logging libraries in different languages, which take care of ensuring ECS compliancy (https://github.com/elastic/ecs-logging).

Another approach might be to use a logger which can stream using TCP or UDP and you can collect all the log lines using Filebeat TCP or UDP input or Logstash.

Finally, another approach might be to enqueue the logs on a message broker (e.g. Kafka) and consume it via Filebeat or Logstash.

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