Elasticagent - filebeat is still increasing memory


we are using ELK 8.11 and we have figured out that after installing elastic agent on windows and linux machines, they are 2 processes filebeat that are still increasing/allocation RAM more and more RAM.

Even it was mentioned in the discussions below, this problem is still reoccuring.

What is the exact version you are running and what are the integrations that you are using?

It is 8.11.2

dpkg -l | grep -E 'elasticsearch|logstash|filebeat|kibana' ii elasticsearch 8.11.2 amd64 Distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud ii filebeat 8.11.2 amd64 Filebeat sends log files to Logstash or directly to Elasticsearch. ii kibana 8.11.2 amd64 Explore and visualize your Elasticsearch data ii logstash 1:8.11.2-1 amd64 An extensible logging pipeline

Is the Elastic Agent also on version 8.11.2?

There was a memory leak issue on Metricbeat on versions prior 8.11, but it should have been fixed on version 8.11.2

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