Elasticsearch output plugin

(Tim Desrochers) #1

I currently have this as my output for logs to my elasticsearch cluster:

output {
elasticsearch {
bind_host => ""
host => ",,,,,,,,,"
cluster => "CLUSTER-NAME"
embedded => false
template => "TEMPLATE"
template_name => "TEMPLATE-NAME"
template_overwrite => true
index => "INDEX"

I'd like to replace the host => field with the domain name for the ES cluster. I'd like to do this to make it easy to spin up new nodes with minimal changes to configuration files. I tried to change the host => field from IP address to domain, logstash starts but doesn't seem to process any data. Is this possible to do? Do I have to use the FQDN or can I use just the shortname.


(Mark Walkom) #2

Host is an array, so you need to wrap it in [ ].

You can use either the FQDN or the short name, just as long as they resolve.

(Tim Desrochers) #3

Thanks. It worked.

(system) #4