Elasticsearch Search Application

Is there any tentative date for general availability of 'Search Application' feature?
I am referring following:

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Thanks for reaching out with this question, @9d224d4833094bd482cf . Sadly, we don't have a tentative date for the general availability of this feature or an ETA.


as @jessgarson mentioned, its still in discussion.

Would love to hear more about any product gaps with search applications and anything you would like to see before GA.


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Thanks for a prompt response.
I am developing global search feature and would like to search across multiple indexes. I wanted to explore and consume Search Application. I am assuming these are lower level apis. We are using NEST package as ORM to search data but at times performance is really bad.

Do you recommend to use Search Application with beta for our production environment? I do understand there could be changes between beta and GA.

It would be great help If you can provide links for detailed examples.

Under the hood, search applications use aliases to search across multiple indices at once. You can use aliases with or without a search application.

Search applications allow you to store templates, and provide an easy search endpoint. There's also a similar feature available in the stack, search templates

The real benefit of search applications is the ability to easily build a search experience without a lot of middleware. We have a guide on how to do this. Search applications do work under the hood, so they'll always be slightly slower than the regular _search endpoint.

I hope that helps!

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