Elasticsearch-users added is not shown in Kibana UI

I have ECK Elasticsearch and Kibana running in k8s (Azure). One pod of each.
I made a user with *bin/elasticsearch-users useradd test123 -p 123456 -r superuser *

# elasticsearch-users useradd test123 -p 123456 -r superuser
# elasticsearch-users list
test123        : superuser

The user can login to Kibana, but is not listed in Kibana UI. Why?

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The Kibana UI (and the corresponding Elasticsearch API) only shows users from the Native realm, as those are the only users that can be managed via the cluster.

The user that you created with elasticsearch-users is in the File realm, which is different and cannot be managed via the UI or API.

Generally we recommend that users are created in the native realm rather than the file realm. If you have a small number of service accounts that you want to manage as code (or you want them to be available before the cluster fully forms), then you can use the file realm for that, but the tradeoff is that you have to use the CLI tooling to manage them.

Since ECK 1.1.0, file realm users and roles are configurable using Kubernetes secrets. This notably enables consistent and auditable user management practices and GitOps use cases.

Documentation: Users and roles | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.3] | Elastic.