ELK docker setup in alfresco

Hi all,

i am relatively new to ELK and am trying to setup ELK using docker in alfresco. I am following this as a reference for the setup:

my elasticsearch and kibana is up and running but there seems to be no data available there (i have also checked the time range). It seems like logstash is not picking the server logs eventhough i have mentioned the log path in logstash.conf file. Just wanted to know how the docker container access the server logs. There doesnt seem to be any error in logs too, just saying that logstash is listening to port 5044. I have also read somewhere that filebeat is aslo used but in the mentioned guide, there is no mention if filebeat so i am a bit confused. Any help will be appreciated.

please look at the below url for the files and images i am using:

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