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Could you please confirm we can use elastic services (elk) without xpack in Azure. In fact, the default ARM template deploys by default activate 30 days trial licence, and it's a little bit confusing.

Is there a managed elk or elasticsearch service ? by managed service I mean a service with SLA garanteed by elastic. if yes, is there a way to know how much it cost ?

Thank you very much in advance.

I asked some colleagues from the Azure team to weigh in if I got anything wrong, but I believe the x-pack questions are answered here: GitHub - elastic/azure-marketplace: Elasticsearch Azure Marketplace offering + ARM template

The TLDR is that for 6.3+ x-pack is always bundled but there is a param (xpackPlugins) to switch between the basic version and the trial/commercial version. Before 6.3 there is an option to bundle without x-pack (same param) and a few options to get the license you want if you do install it.

Is there a managed elk or elasticsearch service ? by managed service I mean a service with SLA garanteed by elastic.

Not currently on Azure, though we are working on that (no ETA yet). For AWS and GCP, there is the Elasticsearch Service cloud offering with various SLAs/etc - it is described here: Official Elasticsearch Pricing: Elastic Cloud, Managed Elasticsearch | Elastic


Further to Alex's excellent answer,

For 6.3.0+

the distribution installed is always that which includes the commercial features (X-Pack), and the license level applied determines which of these features are activated and available to use. The xpackPlugins controls whether the trial license is applied (Yes), or whether the basic license is in effect (No).

This parameter is exposed in the ARM template only, so if you have installed a cluster through the Azure Marketplace, xpackPlugins is always set to Yes to start a trial platinum license, which we believe provides the best getting started experience, but you can call the Start Basic API to downgrade to the free perpertual basic license at any time. Bear in mind that you may lose access to features that you are relying on, that are part of the trial platinum license.

For less than 6.3.0

The xpackPlugins parameter controls whether the x-pack is installed into the cluster (Yes) and a trial platinum license started. In difference to 6.3.0+, a value of No for xpackPlugins here does not run with the basic license, since the features of X-Pack are not part of the distribution but a separate plugin that is installed, and only when xPackPlugins is Yes.

I would recommend going through the Azure ARM template documentation as it tries to answer the common questions about the Azure Marketplace and ARM template offering. If you have questions left unanswered by it or think the documentation is unclear, please let us know so that we can make it better :smiley:

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