Is Elk SIEM free ?? and how can i import data in siem through logstash i just wanted to check its functionality as a threat analyst.I am looking and comparing more options but since i am familiar with logstash and filebeat so can we send log data of csv or syslog format to SIEM

Hi @Deepika_Rawat,

Glad to hear you want to check out our SIEM. Elastic Security is included in our free distribution tier which is completely free and open. You can deploy on-prem or there is a 14-day free-trial available on Elastic Cloud. Our latest release also includes free endpoint security.

In order for the SIEM to populate, your data needs to be mapped to Elastic Common Schema. I recommend using Beats to ship your data, as Beats modules ship ECS-compliant data. We include a wide range of integrations for common security data sources, which can be viewed here.

Hope that helps you get started - if you have any additional questions, just let us know.

THANK YOU, for the overview of SIEM i decided to import data to SIEM through filebeat first as others ECS are paid after some time so i just wanted some free services right now..can you suggest me some path to how to import data to SIEM through Filebeat.

There are no costs associated with ECS or any of our Filebeat modules.

From which sources do you want to import data from? Filebeat modules are included with the SIEM which automatically normalises and maps your data to ECS. We support several sources, listed here.

If you have a source that we don't currently have a module for, you can use still use Filebeat but will need to manually map your data to ECS in order to populate the SIEM. This blog post gives a great overview of that process.

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