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I've been trouble shooting the email plugin for a while now and there has been very little information generally about it. It is very difficult to know which fields are required for different situations. Specifically examples would be helpful, and especially with the ELK 5.0. So now that I've solved my issues, I would just like to post it as an example.

I'm using CentOS 7 and the ELK 5.0 suite running as a service.

As an idea, it would be wonderful if you guys at ELK created a place that people could put their functional examples of certain plugins or situations so that people could use it as a reference because an example speaks a thousand words.


    email {
        to => "" #Wherever you'd like to send the email to.
        subject => "SubjectText"
        body => "BodyText"
        from => ""
        address => "" # or Look online for your smtp server
        username => "" #the "username" and the "from" field need to be the same
        password => "Password for"
        port => 587
        use_tls => true
        authentication => "LOGIN" #This was needed for my setup!!


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