Enterprise Search Bug? App Search Invitation URL Issue


I am running Elastic App Search in Docker using:

I have been investigating why the email invitations do not work, the reason is the hyperlink in the email which App Search sends out includes a URL like:


this routes to the login page, however in the application if you copy the invitation URL its actually:


Is there somewhere i can report (or fix) a bug?


Hello — thank you for writing in! I've raised the issue with the team to take a look.

Quick debugging question - were the emails with these issues opened in Microsoft Outlook, or another email provider (Gmail, etc.)?

Thanks for your time and bug report!

hmm i think i opened directly in the browser... does that sound right? I am using gmail for authentication

to also note i am working around this issue today by putting Nginx in front of App Search, which is doing the URL conversion of /ws/invitations/* to /as/invitations/* which is resolving the issue until resolved, if there is somewhere i can review the code and commit the fix happy to do so?

Gmail/browser is super helpful to know for testing - thank you!

Re: code review - unfortunately App Search source code is currently in a private repo, but we can certainly let you know when the fix ships to a 7.8.x release!

EDIT: We should have a fix coming out in 7.8.1! Keep an eye out!

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