EQL sequence detection on windows and cloudtrail

Hi all,I have a bit of a challenge in building a detection, hoping someone has a good idea.

We have a couple of windows hosts in a dedicated aws account which should only be turned on temporary. I am looking to build a combination of cloudtrail and agent events
in a sequence to detect when the hosts are not turned off (keep running).The agent policy applied has:

  • defend with all windows events ingested
  • system
  • windows
  • osquery

Cloudtrail events are ingested using the Filebeat module.In theory this works:

sequence by cloud.account.id with maxspan=6h 
  [any where cloud.account.id:"aamyaccountid"] by host.name 
  ![any where event.dataset:"aws.cloudtrail" and event.action:"StopInstances"] by aws.cloudtrail.flattened.request_parameters.instancesSet.items.instanceId

However the aws.cloudtrail.flattened.request_parameters.instancesSet.items.instanceId cannot be used because it's flattened.
This is also a list of values.From what I can tell AWS doesn't shutdown the os, but rather the VM so no windows shutdown events are logged.

Anyone a good idea?

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