"ERR Dropping event: key=message: key not found" using "add_docker_metadata"

trying this:
(but with Kafka output plugin)
I get A LOT of:
client.go:108: ERR Dropping event: key=message: key not found
error messages.

No idea where look for.

Any help?

Could you please share your configuration and debug logs? Please format them using </>.

I'm using Filebeat in a Docker container (running on CoreOS Linux).
This is filebeat.yml:
(sorry for external link)

Any help to generate debug logs using Filebeat in a container?

Start filebeat in the foreground and enable debug logging:

./filebeat -e -d "*"

Probably due to:
string: 'beat=%{[beat]} message=%{[message]}'
in output.kafka.

I apologize for attributing it to add_docker_metadata and thanks for lesson about debugging!

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