Error 1053 when starting winlogbeat or auditbeat

Goodmorning, when i try to Start-Service winlogbeat i receive the error 1053m same thing for auditbeat.
for the yml files i followed the getting started guide, so there should not be any error.
i have a keystore and it is in C:/ProgramData/Winlogbeat, as I read on a similar topic.
As i read online I also set the Timeout to 180000 for the service, but that didn't work.

the test config says Config OK, the setup doesn't return any error and if I run
.\winlogbeat.exe -c .\winlogbeat.yml -e -v -d "*"
everything works and I am able to see the logs on kibana.

this is winlogbeat.yml

  - name: Application
    ignore_older: 72h

  - name: System

  - name: Security
    level: critical, error, warning

  - name: Microsoft-Windows-Sysmon/Operational

  - name: Windows PowerShell
    event_id: 400, 403, 600, 800

  - name: Microsoft-Windows-PowerShell/Operational
    event_id: 4103, 4104, 4105, 4106

  - name: ForwardedEvents
    tags: [forwarded]

winlogbeat.registry_file: C:/ProgramData/winlogbeat/winlogbeat.yml

  index.number_of_shards: 1

host: "http://xxxxxxx:5601"
#  # Array of hosts to connect to.
  hosts: ["https://xxxx:9200"]
#  # Protocol - either `http` (default) or `https`.
#  #protocol: "https"
#  # Authentication credentials - either API key or username/password.
#  #api_key: "id:api_key"
  username: "xxxxxx"
  password: "${ES_PWD}"
      - ./xxxxxx.pem
    certificate: "./xxxxx.pem"
    key: "./xxxxx.key"

  - add_host_metadata:
      when.not.contains.tags: forwarded
  - add_cloud_metadata: ~

in the properties of the service I also have this, don't know if that could help

"C:\Program Files\Winlogbeat\winlogbeat.exe" --environment=windows_service -c "C:\Program Files\Winlogbeat\winlogbeat.yml" --path.home "C:\Program Files\Winlogbeat" "C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat" --path.logs "C:\ProgramData\winlogbeat\logs" -E logging.files.redirect_stderr=true

I resolved the problem by inserting the absolute paths for the certificates instead of the relative ones.

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