Error after upgrading 5.2 -> 5.3 : "Unknown setting 'trim' for kv"

Looks like I'm hitting this bug:

Here's the pertinent part of my config that uses trim:

# process key-value data is it exists
if [postfix_keyvalue_data] {
    kv {
        source       => "postfix_keyvalue_data"
        trim         => "<>,"
        prefix       => "postfix_"
        remove_field => [ "postfix_keyvalue_data" ]

I need to help to get around this so I can get back up and running. Looking at the docs for kv it looks like this needs to get updated to either trim_value or trim_key but I'm not sure which I should be using here?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Change this line...

trim         => "<>,"


trim_value         => "<>,"


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Thanks Rob! That did it.

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