Error creating input: No paths were defined for input accessing config

(Trong Vo Dang) #1

Hello, I am trial ashosted Elasticsearch Service. And i try to start filebeat, but i have some problem.
I try install filebeat but it come to stopped. Here is my command:

When i open log in C:\ProgramData\filebeat\logs. I received here:

my filebeat.yml file:


(Steffen Siering) #2

Can you share your complete filebeat config? Please do not share screen shots, but actual text.

Looks like you don't have any module or input configured/enabled.

(Trong Vo Dang) #3
Here. I can post here. 7000 words limit.
I use hosted Elasticsearch Service. Should I enable any thing in config?

(Trong Vo Dang) #4

One more question. When should we use filebeat or metricbeat? Can you send me document when using hosted in elastic? I can't find filebeat in here:

(Tek Chand) #5

Filebeat is used when you want to send any kind of logs on elasticserach.
Metricbeat is used to collect the metrics like system metrics, nginx metrics etc. Its used for monitoring the performance of your system and services.


(Trong Vo Dang) #6

Thanks. Can you take a look in my filebeat config? What should i do?_

(DeDe Morton) #7

If you're still looking for documentation resources, I recommend looking at the getting started guides in the Filebeat Reference and Metricbeat Reference.

(Trong Vo Dang) #8

I setup sucessfuly some metric in metricbeat. I i did not get lucky in filebeat. Error show on my post. Can you check it?

(system) #9

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