Error: filebeat-5.6.3-x86_64.rpm cannot be installed


I´M trying to install filebeat in rhel 5.5 (tikanga) but I can't, this is the error:

rpm -ivh filebeat-5.6.3-x86_64.rpm
error: filebeat-5.6.3-x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA512 signature: BAD, key ID d88e42b4
error: filebeat-5.6.3-x86_64.rpm cannot be installed

Same rpm is installed in rhel 6 and 7 without problems.

Any help please?

We don't support RHEL 5 sorry.

Any alternative?
Maybe older filebeat version?

golang is not properly supported on that RHEL version from what I understand. You may need to look at something like rsyslog/syslog-ng.

Sounds like a duplicate of Failed to install filebeat RPM on EL5 Linux machine. See the details in that post about why this fails.

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