ES input : ingest aggregation result


I would like to create an Elasticsearch index containing the result of an aggregation (some statistics), and not the documents of the source index.
I get the expected result from Elasticsearch by including "size":0 in my query, but I can't manage to have logstash ingesting this result through the ES input.
When I define the "size => 0" in the ES input, the query results (stats) aren't indexed at all (more exactly I get nothing out of it, including with stdout{ codec => rubydebug }). If size is positive the hits are indexed.

Could anybody tell me if/how I can index the aggregation result?


input {
  elasticsearch {
        index => "logstash-index*" 
        size => 0 
        query => '{ "size":0,  "aggs": {"... "}}' 

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