ES output in Logstash

Hello All -
I have a requirement where i have to send my data to ES index using the ES output plugin from Logstash. If the write to ES Index is successful, i need to write a log (in another ES index) that the record insert was successful? Is there a way that i can get the response from ES Output plugin if the record was successfully inserted or not?
For ES 400 and 404 we have DLQ enabled, for error return codes other than 400/404 we would like to handle that.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Other than the DLQ the logstash instance writing the records cannot tell. However, both logstash and elasticsearch should be logging when records cannot be indexed, so you could consume those logs using logstash.

And yes, it is all very self referential, and you may need an infinite waterfall of logstash instances to check when there is a failure in the instance of the preceding instance to index something.

Do not try to process the logs of a logstash instance in a second pipeline in the same instance.

Thank you.

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