Event type for class variable

my log file data looks something like this:
line 1: date time field; server name + other fields
subsequent lines: ( details )
i used the above suggestions successfully saved class variables @@ldate, @@server from the first line :
ruby {
init => "@@ldate='', @@server='' "
code => "@@ldate=event['ldate'], @@server=event['server']"
and added these two properties in subsequent detail lines:
ruby { code => "event['ldate'] = @@ldate, event['server'] = @@server" }

however, the values of these properties are in array format. what i am expecting are string.
"ldate" => [
[0] "2017-03-22 02:15:10",
[1] "2017-03-22 02:15:10"],

please help

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