Eventlog input ,errors out

Hi Team,

I facing certain problem with logstash 5.3.
I am trying to use eventlog as input to read eventlog and put that in elastic search but it is not able to find eventlog plug in. Plus when I tried to list down all the available plug in it does not show eventlog as options. Can anyone help me in enabling that ? I am pretty new in this practice, please help urgently.

what is the "eventlog" are you talking windows? There is "WinBeat" to grab that ,

Yes right windows.
Okay I can try out winbeat. But in case say I have to add new plugin what is the process, say if I have to use logstash only in this case. Please help!!

Another point I forgot to mention is my system OS is Windows 10

this is the only one I can think of as an alternate

This is a community-maintained plugin! It does not ship with Logstash by default, 
but it is easy to install by running bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-input-wmi.

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