Exec input filter in logstash not capturing entire output from python script

Here is what my configuration looks like ...

input {
exec {
command => 'c:\Python27\python C:\J\logstash\pythonscripts\test.py'
interval => 10000
output {
stdout {
codec => rubydebug

When I execute this python script on commandline, as it does some processing - so there is a delay before the output is printed onto the console.
However, whatever is the output doesnt make it to the pipeline.
Also, before the processin, whateever I output to the console, that gets captured in the pipeline.
Is there like a timeout thingie that pipeline waits for before disconnecting from script output?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can you try to produce a minimal example that exhibits the problem? What if you have a one-line Python script like

print 'hello'

does that get captured?

yes, that works fine. Even in this script as I said, most the output is captured except until there is that processing and then the output.

Ok so here is a little something I tried.
I introduced a delay in my script. So now it is something like ...
print 'hello1'
sleep (10)
print 'hello2'

What I noticed in logstash - the pipeline waited until 10 seconds and then received both hello1 and hello2 events.
so it doesnt look like delay is an issue here.
Let me look up my script.

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