Exec plugin


*** goal is to process logstash data in realtime ***

I am new to logstash, and i tried the exec plugin in order to process the output with php script :

output {
exec {
command => "php /opt/admin/script.php %{message}"

in the example above, one instance of php script is called everytime for each output.

what i would lilke to do is to have a script that can track all ouputs, so that way of doing is wrong.

What would be the best approach ? Send output to elasticsearch and use RestAPI with a php script to follow the flow of output ? What the "real time" would be, i mean how to be closest to the "realtime" ?.


Have a look at the pipe output.

I'd send the events to a broker (Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ...) and write a script that pulls the events from there.

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