Expected [START_OBJECT] but found [VALUE_STRING]

I followed Elasticsearch input plugin | Logstash Reference to implement "Scheduling" of my pipeline:

# grep schedule pipeline.cfg 
                schedule => '0 * * * *'

yet logstash produces errors such as this:

logstash13 | { 2298 rufus-scheduler intercepted an error: logstash13 | 2298 - Pastebin.com

Looks like a problem with the query.

@magnusbaeck why do you think that is? rufus-scheduler is the one that producing error, besides before adding schedule query worked just fine, but I'll go ahead and double check it anyways.

rufus-scheduler is the one that producing error

rufus-scheduler is the one reporting the error. The error occurs in the elasticsearch input plugin.

I have multiple pipelines in logstash, and it looks like at least one of pipeline query was misconfigured and that's why rufus-scheduler was reporting an error, I was looking into wrong pipeline at first, but then I found issue in another)


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