Export "Differentiated Services" (TOS) IPv4/IPv6 header field

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It would be nice to track "Differentiated Services" field (see RFC2474) and have it available as exported field in Packetbeat.
It is the second bytes in the IPv4 header (the old TOS field) and bits 4 to 11 in the IPv6 header.

Currently I have 3 class of service and I'm using the bpf_filter options to filter at low level. But I have to run 3 Packetbeat instances, one for each class. This solution does not scale very well.

Thanks for your support.

(Adrian Serrano) #2


This sounds like a useful feature to have. Do you mind creating an Enhancement Request at the Beats repo?

(Guido Lamoto) #3


Thank you again for your support.

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