External file for match


We analise syslog msg from dhcpd daemon.
And want use GeoIP, but we use internal ip addresses.
How match internal ip or host name to City.

For example,
@timestamp August 29th 2017, 12:39:10.754
host 172.xx.xx.x
host_name krg2-fw
message <190> 2017 Aug 29 11:37:59 krg2-fw local7.info dhcpd: [Local Network: DHCP] DHCPACK on 10.x.x.x to 68:f7:xx:xx (xxx) via LAN1
srcip 10.x.x.x

172.xx.xx.x = krg2-fw = >Krasnodar
How match interlan IP or hostname with City?

The city name over 150.
We have two way.

  1. Edit geoip DB manual
  2. use external csv (txt etc) file, where match hostname or ip with City

How can do this ?

Look into the translate filter.

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thanks Magnus
Sorry for delay answer, need quick implement :slight_smile:

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