Extract substring from field


I have typical scenatio. I have field that contains distinguished name. I need to extract common name and copy it to new field. I have working regex but i really dont know how to use it in match.

Existing field
event_data.MemberName : CN=Admin,OU=Admins,OU=GLOBAL,DC=TEST,DC=LOCAL

wanted field:
CommonName : Admin

I have regex tested on rubular.com


Thanks a lot.


Have you tried Oniguruma?

For regex based extraction, i'm using something like this:

grok {
	match => {
		"source_field" => "(?<destination_field>^CN=([^,]*).*)"

I'm not sure if that will work, but I'd start with that.

Hi Saif3r,

This is actualy what I tried. this will copy all DN to new field.

grok {
	match => {
		"[event_data][MemberName]" => "(?<MemberNameShort>^CN=([^,]*).*)"


MemberNameShort :	CN=Admin,OU=Global Admins,OU=GLOBAL,DC=TEST,DC=LOCAL
event_data.MemberName	: CN=Admin,OU=Global Admins,OU=GLOBAL,DC=TEST,DC=LOCAL

regex match but not use match group.


So your issue is related to regex expression, not the config itself.
Try this instead:



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